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Best Relief for Sinus Pressure

Best Relief for Sinus Pressure


Sinusitis may lead to various symptoms and one of these is chronic sinus pressure. This condition if often characterized by nasal pain and pressure due to the inflamed and blocked sinuses. Aside from chronic sinus pressure, you may also experience sore throat, cold and cough mucus buildup, body temperature and bad breath. Relieving the condition is very important since it can disrupt your regular activities if ignored or left untreated. However, you should know that there is no best relief for sinus pressure but there are various remedies that can help you deal with this condition.

  • There is OTC medications that you can opt for to relieve pain and pressure due to sinus conditions.
  • Nasal sprays are also available for this condition. These nasal sprays can be used directly to loosen mucus build up and to unblock congestion.
  • Hot water steam with decongestant liquid or essential oil is helpful in opening the nasal passages, reduce the swelling and inflammation mucus liming and ease breathing.
  • High amount of fluid in the body can also thin the mucus and prevent it from blocking the nasal passages.
  • Hot tea made of thyme, chamomile or ginger is also effective against against sinus pressure. You can consume the tea at least twice a day for faster relief.
  • Hot and cold compress on the affected area can quickly relieve the condition as well.
  • Nasal irrigation is another effective remedy. This can be done using a neti pot with saline solution. You can also gargle a mixture of salt and water. This can also relieve sinus pressure conditions.

These are some of the most recommended remedies against sinus pressure. You can try any of these to find the best relief for sinus pressure. However, if all of these fail to provide relief, it would be best to visit your physician for proper diagnosis.


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